In 2016 my now husband proposed to me in Scotland, that same weekend the idea for this quirky blog was conceived after I got chatting with an old bartender friend who has a passion for cocktail experimentation. 

As I celebrated my engagement with Saffron Gin Cocktails , I got thinking about cocktails being the modern day tea…as in they are their in times of jubilation and tribulation. I then got to thinking about those old agony aunt column and indeed the advice given to wives, mothers and newly weds and wondered if advice like ”never kiss a man in a canoe” could be best followed with a cocktail in hand?

So I went away and researched advice to young brides, on being a good housewife and various tips for keeping husbands happy  and the idea of a comical agony aunt column that combined historical advice accompanied string of old and new cocktail recipes evolved.

The Trouble with Husbands was born and it now offers some fun cocktail recipes, as well as cocktail book reviews and so much more.

It’s always easy to step out of your life at cocktail hour!