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The Art of Making Bitters

Beginning as a medicinal elixir, bitters were originally used as a medical cure-all. Indeed whilst bitters may seem somewhat peculiar they are essentially just bitter aromatics steeped in alcohol to make a tincture. How bitters came to be is a…
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The Trouble With Husbands

The Vintage Queen and The Bartender are here to help   There is no doubt that other people’s problems are endlessly fascinating. As teenagers, the agony aunt column was always the first one we turned to when the latest issue…
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Festive Fizz

For me there is nothing quite as luxurious as sitting at a hotel bar, sipping an expertly prepared cocktail. As I sat contemplating life, with a champagne cocktail in the bar of a fine country house hotel, I couldn’t help…
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A toast to the Bride and Groom

On the morning of the wedding a flutter of nerves is considered perfectly normal and so is the desire to indulge a little, so when I got married just a wee while ago I was lucky to have one of…
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